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Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Skoda Yeti 2011

Compact, attractive style and full of surprises: The Skoda Yeti. Production version Yeti, which is seen in Geneva in 2005 the original concept very similar, adds five gates and a network of traditional sites and Skoda in front with just over. This car 4.2 meters, and features five doors comes with a brand name. Front grille and headlights, research design chard friendly show with confidence Skoda Yeti effective. Skoda Yeti started in two different forms - Ambiente & Beauty, Ambiente is available for Rs. Rs 15.40 lakh and is available for beauty. 16.62 lakh). These prices former New Delhi gallery are.
Skoda Yeti speed data for
- Yeti concept Geneva Motor Show 2005 Motor Show Expo 2008 was published in
Engine Options - 2.0 TDI diesel with all wheel drive system
- Maximum power 140 HP and 320 torque max nm
- Six - speed manual transmission
- 2 versions - Ambiente Ambiente and beauty, is available for Rs. Rs 15.40 lakh and is available for beauty. 16.62 lakh). These prices former New Delhi gallery are.
- Six SRS airbags and ABS, ESP and brake
Skoda Yeti Design and Design
Skoda Yeti, the overall design of trust, for his style Panda 4x4 and the length indicate boxy,, it looks good. One advantage of this useful design reference, and wheel and axle heavy wheelarches and a joint proposal between serious off road capability is a big area. Large front grille and fog lamps a particular solid, wide stance to the Yeti and gives way to top off road.
Skoda Yeti Yeti a strong and clear two wings of a great and heavy without coming across as strong on 17 inch wheels give the appearance of a solid. Another great Skoda Yeti SUV popularity of auto major environmental problems and growing fast answer. Skoda a clean body style, a higher seating position meet the requirements and options is a versatile design, which, despite its strength, light, but large-scale form emits, are working with . Yeti also environmental protection, and equipment space, security and high lift needs.
Interior Skoda Yeti
What a wonderful job Skoda Skoda Yeti stylish interior. This class exudes, an Audi dashboard instruments and in classrooms at first with that will look rather different aspects, and work the old green. SUV drivers in their cars, as high driving love, Skoda Yeti, a long way to reproduce it to go. Space also particularly impressive is back. Places before boot and passenger space, high seating position and more room than you think out Monday to provide depth to change the balance between slides. East Skoda Yeti Remove seats and outside your home slip two places to place higher illusion can.
The back seats is one area where compact SUV Skoda Yeti and dozens of other changes to justify the tag can help. Intelligent design means that the back seats folded and can be tilted from right, and also removed to increase cargo space. You tilt, seats behind the Skoda Yeti can. Optional Panoramic Sunroof particularly effective, full and open sky roof is Yeti. Higher thresholds and the arrival of all doors and equipment load-dominated Skoda Yeti Boot To prevent deficiency are very high. Max boot space part working without means.
Skoda Yeti as the clouds is also equipped to download. Boot capacity by removing the back seats very useful, and 1760 liters unavailable. Covers equipment and your rings, and clips any download is available to provide Skoda Yeti.
Skoda Yeti important features:
- For driver and front passenger Airbag, passenger airbag deactivation, front air bags, curtain airbags, driver knee airbag switch
- Master of Business Administration, including benefit sharing + + + marine scientific research gap TCS
- Jelly and the adjustable steering wheel
- Daytime running light, bottle holders and storage box
- Outside temperature display, roof rails
- Central locking, driver and front passenger seat height adjustment
- Front fog lamps, adjustable brightness Tools
- Panel with more than performance (on board computer)
- East in the back seat folding table again
- Cruise with walk, hook in the trunk
- Air conditioning Air conditioning, electric adjustable door mirrors and hot
- Reports glass, body color mirrors and door handles
- Chrome interior door handles and side protection tape
- On / off road driving off road equipment (only 4 × 4)
- Turning points of the function fog lamps, leather steering wheel to four
- Storage box under passenger's seat
- Jumbo adjustable center arm rest with storage box in front of
- Glasses case, remote central stop
- With dual zone electronic regulation - air conditioning, and odor filter for circulation of air automatically change
- Supports front lumbar support, power windows front and back
- Boarding house (add external mirror), and a clear door
- 17 inch wheels dolomite Egypt
Skoda Yeti engine
- 1968cc common rail diesel
- Maximum power 140 HP
- Maximum torque of 320 nm
Skoda India plans to launch diesel Yeti, but it is sport 2.0 liter - common rail diesel engines that power of 140 HP and 4200 RPM and 1750 RPM maximum of more than 320 nautical power generation one. Engine four-wheel-drive campaign system, which is seriously off road for Yeti and even a six speed manual transmission will be mated to.
Variants Skoda Yeti
- Yeti Skoda Ambiente
- Skoda Yeti Beauty
Skoda Yeti in two different states are expected to commence from: Ambiente and for beauty. Important difference is that beauty and health of Ambiente and six airbags version 2 X 12 - 8 speakers and XP versions of the system than music, than is.
Skoda Yeti ride and handling
Skoda Yeti is a clever means of pressure is bound to create a stir. Excellent handling characteristics and high speed are all hallmarks of the ornaments. 4 × 4 off road variable feature that extraordinary ability and less fuel use and emissions levels with the best traction. Four-wheel-drive or front wheel, Yeti too occupied conditions, to achieve this destruction. Skoda Yeti is on wheels in front, but the back wheels wet snow, or mud level and automatic four-wheel-drive model is based on the most. As a clearing Roader Yeti rugged terrain proves able to deal with. Approval of the earth and snow tires and a way to deal with wet grass, pulling horses give her more, and there is a sign of serious off road. Beauty above standard model and is optional on others, Skoda Yeti is a button on the closed road.
Price Skoda Yeti
Skoda Yeti started in two different forms - Ambiente & Beauty, Ambiente is available for Rs. Rs 15.40 lakh and is available for beauty. 16.62 lakh). These prices former New Delhi gallery are.
Skoda Yeti in the shadow of death
Mato brown, white and silver glow candy, red Corrida, black magic and Aqua Mist: Skoda available in six colors Yeti.
Official Press Release - Skoda Yeti
Delhi: 15 November 2010: ŠkodaAuto India, ŠkodaAuto Czech Republic is a wholly owned subsidiary and India's largest automobile companies with an intelligent, today the first row SUV Yeti announced the beginning of their products. Škoda Škoda Yeti debt outstanding line range includes a model to solve some of the best safety equipment and employment external, internal and modern design offers a unique combination of signatures. Highly anticipated Yeti Skoda, and international bestseller 14,98 lakh attractive prices (ex showroom Maharashtra).
ŠkodaAuto Skoda Yeti with the launch of India's product range, thus large target audience full extension. AutoExpo Yeti first year after the start of the first, Skoda Yeti car enthusiasts and customers of both imagination is captured. Skoda Yeti in India a group of all luxury sedan car quality and comfort of the four wheel drive premium art, technology and work to provide the makings of a vehicle is due. The price smart Skoda Yeti India itself encourage young rapidly attract users and provide additional technology and will be more than one role.
What many of the car before the commencement of commercial applications ŠkodaAuto India to customers information obtained. Answer one of the more interesting is that Skoda Yeti encourage users Unlike traditional SUVs market nationally or limited to a specific region, spread. Speaking at the launch Mr. Thomas Kuehl, Board Member and General Sales Manager and Marketing, ŠkodaAuto India, said, "It always attempts Skoda Yeti Skoda new Indian consumer so perfect. No other choice passport, driving experience, and experience to provide evidence would have been can really start the first time as road Yeti SUV. the ability to adopt compact SUV and a premium sedan comfort and menu of create a new slide between and provides a low cost premium. Skoda Yeti of the proposal and unique with strong price makes sure that we attract new customers and existing customers in a series of brand loyalty, then from, and we mentioned that we really credible Yeti transfer passengers will not work pride, but fun and enjoyable for all the pleasure and reliable partner will be. "
He added: "The sector compact SUV, Yeti and development of new international standards of high quality items off road approaches and best equipment and careful environment and therefore we believe that point associated with Yeti Skoda SUV will change in terms are traditional sites, the more fuel, consume, and the release of more emissions and SUV for India offers completely new concept. an SUV owner, capable of action "somewhere" outlook see the sites and statement (rightly) with a commitment. echo shows a desire to succeed to succeed in spite of all difficulties and is posted as the belief that nothing is their goal ready to receive can not stop. "
Skoda Yeti is powered by CR 4200 RPM 2.0 TDI letter that the maximum power generated at the 140 Horse Power. Six-speed manual fully synchronized transmission with full control and driver controls. High pressure direct fuel injection technology with maximum performance, Takaful benefit as much 17.67Kmph, promises. Skoda Yeti evidence that we are proud that even low power usage and emissions in the SUV can get.


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